Our lead Mechanic has been with us for several years now and he is learning as much as Kevin can show him. Our goal at Kevin’s is to get your equipment running and stay running.
We strive to hire employees that have as much care for your equipment as you do. We understand that breakdowns happen, but we want the experience of repair to feel like the people working on it cared and had compassion.
Our goal for your equipment is to keep you running with reasonable repair cost.


Exceeding manufacturer service standards.

We work work on all small tractors up to 110hp. We also will work on Zero Turns lawn mowers, rotary cutters, tillers,and other tractor implements and we are Expert Kohler and Kawasaki Dealer.

What to Expect:

When you arrive at Kevin’s with your equipment we will have a page with basic information that you can fill out about your tractor ,and what you are hoping to have repaired. If you would like to have the paper started before you arrive the form is available here.

If you need help to unload your equipment we have staff that can help to assist with unloading/loading.

Before leaving your equipment for repairs, someone should give you and estimated time frame for repairs to begin. Some take a couple day ; some take several months. Please don’t hesitate to ask why a jobs take way longer than others.

We will call once the equipment has been diagnosed and we are ready to order parts. Once the “okay” has been given ,parts will be ordered.

Once parts arrive the job will be finished and the unit will be run to test and once satisfied with work Customer will be called.

Please make sure that all repairs you are requesting are written on your drop off paper so that the tractor/equipment can be looked at as a whole prior to any disassembly work.

A minimum 1 hr diagnostic will be charged for any equipment that is not repaired. Our current shop labor rate is 95.00 per hour.
Any equipment left longer than 30 days from date of notification of repairs needed and job complete/or stopped will be disposed of in accordance to law. A storage fee will be assessed for any equipment that is left longer than 25 days past repair notice or stop of repair.


  • Hydraulic Repair
  • Electronic Repair
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Brakes
  • Seal Leaks
  • Basic Service/ Filters Changes
  • Blade Replacement
  • Zero Turn Mower Repairs
Kevin's Tractor

About Us

We strive to help you keep your equipment running until the cost of repairs no longer make since, and when the time comes to buy again we offer new implements, mowers and tractors to get you back running.
What we hope to offer the area is a tractor shop that has the ability to find you parts for all makes and models. Even the hard to find parts. Our Parts Dept has many different vendors they can pull parts from and with Kevin’s knowledge of who provided specific parts for various brands, we are even able to find parts that are otherwise unavailable. Typical parts turn around in 2-3 business days for basic parts, if they are not part of our thousands of items that we keep on hand.
Hard To Find Parts: Sometimes parts take a little leg work from, You guessed it Kevin. With this in mind please be patient as we are trying to get him to teach us all he knows. If we have missed calling you back or you have more questions please contact us here.
Our Sales Dept has many products to offer. We currently offer LS Tractor, Dixie Chopper Lawn Mowers, Encore Lawn Mowers, Woods Equipment, J-Bar, and LS equipment. We also have several other Hard line companies that we do business with to get our customers more specific items like flail mowers, sprayers, seeders.

Kevin's Tractor

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